Hello everyone and thank you in advance for your feedback. We're about to start building a 2200 sq. foot house in the Boston area, it's on a small lot and they cap the footprint and sq footage for being on a small lot, thus the (relatively) small house to be built. It's a 31x38 main house with attached 1 car garage.
We're GC-ing it ourselves and we've lined up most of our subs and I've used most of them in the past and know their quality of work.
The question is...we're still trying to figure out who to hire for the house framing. We need to know how long it should take to frame up the house and how many people will be required. For example, someone told me that a "good" framing crew with 6-7 guys should do it in a week. Therefore, if you had a good crew of 3-4 guys, does that mean it should take 2 weeks? Obviously the reason for the question is because the time requirement will impact price, and any crew can probably work fast or slow to benefit themselves. What does everyone think is appropriate?
Also, when is their work finished. They obviously handle framing and sheathing, but what else??? Do they apply the Tyvar? Instal the widows/exterior doors? Roof and siding?? Thanks, looking forward to the feedback.