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    Default How to seal chimney thimble hole

    I have two unused chimney thimble holes in the kitchen, both with a 6 1/4" diameter. I tried the 6" Insul-Plug and it did not expand enough to fit, the next size up is too large.

    The chimney is currently only used as the water heater vent.

    How can I permanently seal these? We are remodeling our kitchen and are framing/hanging drywall right up to one of the holes.


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    Default Re: How to seal chimney thimble hole

    Mortar and pieces of broken bricks usually work. I would suggest however that you extend the WH flue pipe up and out of the chimney then cap the rest of the chimney off.
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    Smile Re: How to seal chimney thimble hole

    Thanks JL.

    Broken bricks, now those I have on hand!

    The water heater is already vented out the top of the chimney and is capped as you suggested.

    Thanks again!

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