Gary, you seemed to have missed the point. I never stated a freezer should not be on a GFI circuit I just stated the reasoning of exempting them even as recently as the 2005 code by the NEC. Because of this inherent problem of nuisance tripping, which was probably corrected in the 2006 UL GFI changes, it was not necessarily something wrong with the freezer. The pre 2006 GFI receptacles are still commonly sold in stores and ******. This is why I recommended getting an electrician, as no one can diagnose these things over the internet, not I, not even you. I do not know what code revision is being used where the OP lives, but a local electrician would. I was merely discussing an option Ernie brought up that would qualify under the 2005 code and the history of GFI problems (as I stated "old panelboards" in my post). There was a similar problem with AFCI nuisance tripping, and I do not know if it has been resolved. I hope this doesn't mean I am too "out of date".