Hello from an electrically-challenged senior, who should know a lot more than she does after all these years:

After 2 years of use, my basement freezer has started to trip it's circuit breaker. A day late, and a dollar short, I read my freezer tech info, and find out that it should not be plugged into a GFCI protected circuit breaker, which it has been for two years.

I wonder if I could replace this circuit breaker with one minus the GFCI protection..... the GFCI breakers have a 3-wire set-up, or on the other hand, if I could adapt the freezer to work with GFCI protected breaker.

I do have an unprotected circuit not too far away, so I wonder if some special extension cord might work.

I also have a dedicated circuit for the all-important furnace.... 40 below is common here. Is there a good reason not to use this furnace circuit for the freezer also.

I am most grateful for any advice or experience you could impart to me!