Sanded 68 yr old hardwood floors to bare wood. Applied minwax oil based stain. After dry, wiped with mineral spirits, scuffed sanded with 220 grit, wiped with mineral spirits. Next day wiped with tack cloth to make sure dust was all gone. Applied one coat of minwax water based polyurethane for floors. It did not apply evenly, rather looked like a milkly finish being applied to a waxed car. It beaded up (not bubbled up)and did not seem to evenly adhere to floor. I don't think it is going to adhere properly so do not want to try to apply another coat. Originally wanted to apply 100% tung oil thinned with citrus solvent or low odor mineral spirits & now wish I had. Do I have to resand, or screen, or what? Help. I really think I obsessively researched this & now don't know what to do. Maybe I put the stain on too heavy & if so will anything adhere?