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    Default Electrical Wiring

    I am putting two switches into a bathroom. I need to hook up one switch to turn on the exhaust fan only. The other switch will need to turn on bathroom lights and send power to a GFI, and two more plugs. Can you help me out with a easy diagram to wire this up

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    Why do you want the GFI and other plugs switched, or did I read that wrong?

    All plugs in the bathroom should be fed from the GFI. The hot lead coming into the bathroom hooks to the "line" lug on the GFI and all other outlets in the room will hook to the "load" lug. If you want the light and bath fan protected by the GFI they would be connected to the "load" side as well, otherwise the light and fan power off the line side. This is assuming that you have a single circuit handling the light and outlet in the bathroom.
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    Just to add onto the previous respondent.

    You really do not want the lighting circuit to handle the outlets.

    If something goes wrong on the receptacle, such as a hair dryer tripping the breaker, there you stand in the dark trying to figure out what to do next.
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