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    Default Keeping plaster in the bucket!

    Ive been plastering quite a bit in my 100 year old house in Vermont. I mix the plaster in a 5 gallon bucket with a paddle attached to my 1/2 drill. At first, the real wet plaster was thrown out of the bucket all over the room. I now cover the bucket with a piece of Lexan with a slot cut into it big enough for the shaft of the mixer. No more mess!

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    Default Re: Keeping plaster in the bucket!

    The best way to keep plaster in the bucket.

    1 Fill the bucket with enough water to cover the paddle.
    2 Fill the bucket with the powder
    3 Squeeze the trigger intermittently (like squeeze...squeeze...ect. Till the inital powder is mostly mixed.Then add more powder or water as needed.

    You'll get a feel for it after a bucket or 2. My dewalt only spins @ 450rpms anything higher is to fast in my opinion.

    Then you wont need the cover anymore.

    Hope this helps

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