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    Question can I plant over construction aggregate?

    I just bought an old house with an area of about 30X40 feet in the backyard that is covered with asphalt.
    I had the asphalt removed and underneath there is about 4 inches of construction aggregate and other stones.
    Is it possible to plant over that? Should I take away everything to the bare ground.
    The guys that pulled off the blacktop said I only need a couple of inches of topsoil.
    I can hardly believe that's true!

    Thanks for the advice.


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    Default Re: can I plant over construction aggregate?

    I would remove the aggregate. grass may grow in four inches of top soil but it might be patchy and will most likley be a different color then the rest of your grass because of drainage issues. I have seen grass planted over septic tanks that were a lighter color then the rest of the lawn because of drainage issues and they are deeper then four inches

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