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Thread: Sink Stains

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    I have a old pedestal sink with the over flow at the back and toward the top of the sink. There is a rust stain coming from this over flow, I can clean it with some chemical I found at our local store, and the stain comes back within days. There seems to be moisture coming from this overflow hole, the sink has never been full enough to get water to this hole. Please help!

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    Be careful what you use to clean the rust.

    Rust needs moisture and oxygen to survive what you would need to do is after cleaning the stain neutralize the rust,or stop the chemical reaction,auto part stores have spray cans of this.

    Then you would want to reseal the spot so it cannot get the oxygen required,there may be a crack in the porcelain or the draining system of the overflow may be partially plugged causing water to back up to provide the moisture causing the rust.If there is a crack in the porcelain there are little spot repair bottles that can be purchased to reseal the crack to prevent the oxygen from feeding the rust.

    Use only Zud or barkeepers friend to clean porcelain tubs and sinks.
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