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    Default cleaning & restoring terrace of Tennessee "Crab Orchard" field stone

    Our large terrace is covered in mold & mildew. I have used a pressure washer to clean the surface but the rock is full of black blotches (mildew stains?) that are not coming out. I am trying to use enzyme cleaners such as OxyClean with some good results. This terrace is almost 25 years old and is constructed of stone on top of a cement foundation. It also has three large crepe myrtles dropping litter. Is that the source of black splotches? The morter around the stones is showing cracks. So I guess I have three questions, 1. Best way to remove stains? 2. How can the stones be re mortered? 3. Should I seal the stone after cleaning and repairs and if so with what product?

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    Default Re: cleaning & restoring terrace of Tennessee "Crab Orchard" field stone

    I have this same situation and would really appreciate some guidance. My only additional concern is that some of my stones have had some layers flake off, leaving shallow holes in the terrace.

    Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

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