A note from TOH Assoc. Editor, Keith Pandolfi:

Are you a diehard This Old House fan who just happened to be born in 1979, the year the show debuted? If so, we’d like you to share some of your fondest memories of growing up with the guys—from Bob Vila to Kevin O’Connor—and tell us why you still find time to catch the show today.

Tell us and you could be included in a This Old House magazine feature celebrating the show’s 30th anniversary. Maybe you remember watching This Old House with your weekend-project-obsessed pop; or perhaps you were so obsessed with the show that you ended up forging a career as a contractor or carpenter. Even if you just try and emulate Norm’s style by maintaining a closet full of flannel, we want you to tell us why the show first appealed to you, how it influenced you; and why, after three decades, it still matters.

Send your responses to me directly at keith_pandolfi@timeinc.com