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    Default toilet has air bubbles coming up while refilling bowl

    I'm stumped about this toilet issue, there is a gurgling noise and a few air bubbles after the flush is complete and the bowl is refilling. It is two years old (mansfield) the main drain has been snaked to the road, the vent stack on the roof has been checked and clear (plumber checked). The rim holes are clear the water flows great out of all holes. The toilet flushes great with or with out solids. It's just the few air bubbles & gurgle as it refills that is driving me nuts....any Idea's ?

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    Default Re: toilet has air bubbles coming up while refilling bowl

    Could be any one of 5 or more possibilities; you'll have to check them all.

    1) it's normal for some bowls to do this, according to their design.

    2) there's a leak in the ballcock inlet valve that is letting air into the bowl refill tube. (try a flush after removing the tank cover & temporarily removing the tube from the overflow tube).

    3) The main drain or toilet innards (gooseneck) is partially blocked. (buy a closet auger (low cost) & see if you can hook an obstruction); take a 3 gallon pail of water & dump it all at once into the bowl without flushing; you should get a solid flush to establish the main drain & gooseneck is open.

    4) the draining action of a dishwasher or washing machine (or upstream toilet) can force air into the toilet pipe.

    Try shutting off the water supply & then flushing the toilet; the toilet will refill with the 1.6 gallons in the tank, without the action of the bowl refill tube; check to see if you still have bubbles.

    For further info, Google "bubbles in toilet bowl"
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