Offer is on the table for the old home I fell in love with. One concern is the boiler. I don't know about the cost of running one (it's retrofitted to natural gas), how it works, etc. I know basically what the deal is. Plus is it worth keeping? It runs home heat and water heat apparently since I don't see a water heater anywhere in the house and it looks like it's piped to both.

1907 home - boiler says Rudy - Maybe 5 - 5.5 feet tall 4 - 5 feet wide... in an unfinished poured concrete foundation that looks like it was put in maybe in the 20's or 30's?

Anyways just looking for more info. I suspect the boiler is 102 yrs old like the house since there is a coal chute and storage partition.

Do people service/repair these still? Is it worth keeping? What is maintenance for one of these beasts? What do I need to worry about? Doesn't seem much of a way to see inside past where the coal would have gone? Now you just feel the heat from the pilot when you put your hand inside.

Very curious obviously