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    Default Replacing existing landing banister

    I just purchased an old farmhouse build by my great great grandparents. In the hall way upstairs there is an open landing with a railing overlooking the stairs below. The banister is quite short and I worry about someone falling over. The area under where it the posts and balusters are connected to the floor are finished. How would I go about removing the existing posts and balisters?

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    Default Re: Replacing existing landing banister

    Hi, I have a 1950's cape cod with the same situation. We use the landing for our daughter's bedroom, and I do not leave her alone in the room because of the low railing. I am looking to replace ours, however because of the slanted roofline, we need the low banister to bring furniture up and down the stairs. i was thinking of making the new railing I build removeable so that we can still get our furniture out.
    have you replaced yours yet? if so, was it difficult? I am fairly handy, but I worry about safety.
    So far, your post is the only thing I have found on the net relating to my situation!

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