First timer here trying to find the right solution.

I own a 1926 upper / lower duplex (previously a single family home converted some time in the 60's). The upper unit (sometimes called a mother-in-law apartment) bathroom does not have any venting and it can get stuffy and humid during the winter months here in Minnesota.

I initially wanted to install a bathroom vent fan. However, this would require some pretty difficult (and expensive) electrical work. There is no light switch in the bathroom, but rather two individuals lights controlled by push buttons on the fixtures. Also, as the house was built in 1926, there is a tremendous amount of stucco. So even if I wanted to run electrical, the patching would cost me time and money as well.

So my question is can you install a simple vent (thru the ceiling and out to the roof), but with no motor? Has anyone done this before? What was your experience? Where do you find them?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.