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    Red face Old Walls - Many Layers - Where to Start?

    I have high walls and large rooms. All are wall papered with layers of paint and paper underneath as well as painted with layers of paper and paint underneath. Some of the paper is ripped off the wall showing more paper and therefore leaving it with bumps if I just painted over. The painted walls show seams of the wall paper underneath. I wonder if I should do like the old homes in Britain and Eastern Canada and just paint and not worry about any of the lumps and bumps (one more layer). My husband hates wall paper. Would someone just tell me the first step and I will do it. I no longer want to make a decision but I need to get started. Done in by old and ripped.

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    Default Re: Old Walls - Many Layers - Where to Start?

    Remove the wallpaper down to the plaster. There is a gel substance that you mix up yourself. Cut the wallpaper up with a Paper Tiger, put on the gel substance and then start scraping. When you get down to the original glue wash it off then you can paint. Its tedious but we removed multiple layers of wallpaper from 20 apartments in our 97 year old building so it can be done.

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