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    Default What to do with a concrete door sill

    My front door is sitting on a concrete door sill. I am not getting the full swing of the door because of how it is set. I want to replace the door and have it sitting all the way to the edge of the interior wall but the concrete door sill is in the way. My question is -- do I level out the concrete sill and set the door on top or can I take the door sill off of the new door and just use the concrete sill?? I would appreciate any input. Thanks
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    Default Re: What to do with a concrete door sill

    You say you're not getting a full swing due to the way it is setting but you don't say where it is hitting (at the threshhold, on the floor, on the jamb, etc.). You want to install a new door but is the new door wood, metal, or ??.

    With the new door, can't you just raise it up off the sill and still have it hit the stop at the threshhold? Without knowing where it is hitting, it's hard to say what the solution would be. With a wood door, you can cut, plane, or shape it whatever way you want and maybe that will be the way to go.

    Good Luck.

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