I completely demolished my home recently... except for the bathroom.

I don't know the best way to proceed. I have thick metal lath (not mesh, but thick, black sheets of lath with several horizontal cutouts for the keys). The tile is cemented in.

I've been told I should be able to pry off the walls (none go to the ceiling) by placing a pry bar between the lath and the studs and pulling the whole wall down at once.

However, when I try to do this, all I see is that the stud itself is bending as I apply pressure, and the tile wall is completely immobile.

I hate to even tear it down (1925 white subway tile) but it is cracked in several places, discolored, etc. Furthermore, I am rearranging a few fixtures in the room. I am keeping the tub and have already safely removed the sink and toilet.

This stuff seems pretty bulletproof. Any recommendations on how I should proceed? I've tried googling around but to no avail. I've even banged away on a tile with a pry bar and mallet and barely chipped/dented it - the last time I had to do anything like this was with a 1950s home with plastic-like tile that popped right off the wall (with water damage) - this is nothing like that.