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    Question Removing Metal Lath / Cement Tile Walls?


    I completely demolished my home recently... except for the bathroom.

    I don't know the best way to proceed. I have thick metal lath (not mesh, but thick, black sheets of lath with several horizontal cutouts for the keys). The tile is cemented in.

    I've been told I should be able to pry off the walls (none go to the ceiling) by placing a pry bar between the lath and the studs and pulling the whole wall down at once.

    However, when I try to do this, all I see is that the stud itself is bending as I apply pressure, and the tile wall is completely immobile.

    I hate to even tear it down (1925 white subway tile) but it is cracked in several places, discolored, etc. Furthermore, I am rearranging a few fixtures in the room. I am keeping the tub and have already safely removed the sink and toilet.

    This stuff seems pretty bulletproof. Any recommendations on how I should proceed? I've tried googling around but to no avail. I've even banged away on a tile with a pry bar and mallet and barely chipped/dented it - the last time I had to do anything like this was with a 1950s home with plastic-like tile that popped right off the wall (with water damage) - this is nothing like that.


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    Default Re: Removing Metal Lath / Cement Tile Walls?

    I recently went through the samething. You have the right idea just use a prybar and hammer and sawzall to remove it. it just takes time and it will come off in small pieces.

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    Default Re: Removing Metal Lath / Cement Tile Walls?

    i deal with those all the time and it sucks. the only solution i know of is to use a small sledge and break off everything first and save the metal for last. by pounding on the tile between the stud bays eventually the tile and concrete will break off, the more of that you get off before the metal lath, the easier it is to get the metal off.

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