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    Default Moving a section of cabinets

    I have a peninsula in my kitchen that I would like to move. It is 90 degrees to sink and I would like to make 180 degrees to sink. How would I remove it from the concrete slab (I am in southern california) without destroying the cabinet? I can not see any fasteners inside the bottom of cabinet, only nails at the toe kick.

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    Default Re: Moving a section of cabinets

    It's hard to say how it's held in place. If it's a large cabinet, then it may be sitting there under it's own weight. It could be caulked or glued to the floor with construction adhesive. There could be sleepers behind the toe-kicks that it's nailed to.

    Pull the baseboard and look for nails or screws through the toe kick. These may be going into sleepers (boards behind that have been fastened to the slab floor). If you can find no evidence of fasteners anywhere that may be holding it in place, use a flat pry bar (Wonder Bar ) and a hammer to get under the edge of the toe kick and gently lift.Work slowly and go all the way around. If it's glued or caulked, this should break it free without too much damage to the toe kick area. Also, you may want to protect your floor from the prybar and hammer.
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