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    Default building a garage on a slope

    I am looking to build a garage on a sloping hill. This spot would be the best to build on. What would the best way to build on it so the foundation will hold. i am looking to use cinder block for the foundation. I was going to be about 36" under ground with the blocks. It is about a 4' slope from front to back. The garage is going to be a 24w x 30d. 1 story garage. I am just worried about the foundation blowing out with all the pressure from when i fill inside the foundation.

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    Default Re: building a garage on a slope

    When tract housing is built, the ground is scarified, the house plots laid out, then an engineered base is installed prior to the home being built. I would suspect that a similar procedure would be necessary for your garage. I would consult with local engineering contractors for specifics to your area.
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