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    Default Cheap and Easy way to keep BIRDS out of the Exterior vents

    This is a CHEAP, easy way to keep small birds, in my neighborhood sparrows, from nesting in your dryer and bathroom exhaust fan vent on the exterior of your home. I used this method as the birds in my neighborhood have learned to lift the flaps to gain access.


    A 6 year old could do this


    1)a ladder tall enough to allow you to reach the vent safely
    2)a pair of household scissors
    3)a ruler (6" is plenty)

    Drywall Sanding Screens (try to get ones that are synthetic as anything with exposed iron will rust and the runoff will stain the exterior of the home)

    Typically, these vents are 4"x4" square. Coincidentally, the Drywall Sanding Screens are 4" wide as well, but longer. Simply measure 4" along the screen, fold it over to imprint a ridge in the material and then cut along the ridge. Now you have a 4"x4" screen. Simply slip this screen behind the weather flaps of the vent (make sure you clean out any nests and debris with a shop vac first) and you are done. The screen is so fine that it will even keep larger nesting insects and caterpillars out as well.

    Hope this helps someone.

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    Default Re: Cheap and Easy way to keep BIRDS out of the Exterior vents

    Small screen will create a fire hazard in the case of a dryer vent and will severely restrict airflow, regardless of the vent type. Also, as the screen will be coated with moisture each time it is used, it will collect all the lint and dust that should be venting to the exterior.

    A better solution would be to use 1/4" hardware cloth. Cut it larger than the vent shroud and bend it to fit over the outside. The hardware cloth will likely stay there on its own, at the most use a screw to hold it in place. This will not restrict airflow of the vent, however it will need to be serviced on a regular basis to remove trapped lint and dust.
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