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    Default Ventilation Requirements

    I'm installing vinyl siding on my 2400 sq. ft. ranch house. It has a whole house fan already installed in the house. I installed 40 ft. of ridge vent on the roof and will put in soffit venting when I install the siding. The house also has 2-18x24 gable vents on each end of the house. I would like to cover these up. Is that to much ventilation? Should I cover up the gable ends when I side the house? I heard to much ventilation can be bad for a house. This house is located in southern Missouri.

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    Default Re: Ventilation Requirements

    The gable vents are good for cross ventilation. Consider experimenting by temporary covering the gable vents and see if the temp in attic rises. If it does i would either leave the vents or install an attic exhaust fan.
    The real good addition is the soffit venting so convection moves the hot air out of the attic threw the ridge cap vent an or the gables.

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