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    I live in a 1880's farm house that is in need of a lot of renovation. Right now we are expecting a baby and need to paint a few rooms and update with carpet. Any suggestions on how to paint over plaster? The plaster is peeling in places. The paint that we will be painting over is textured ceiling paint (the room is a dormer) that goes from the ceiling to the floor.

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    I believe that you are mistaken, plaster does not peel. Wallpaper peels and paint will peel usually if there is moisture behind it. If you actually do have plaster, do not remove it. It is so fabulous. We have a Victorian that was built in 1890. Our entire house had plaster walls and ceilings. It stays very cool in the summer and very warm in the winter. Plus, nothing will eat or grow on plaster. Sheetrock has paper on it, all kinds of things live in, eat and make nests in paper products.

    I suggest that you completely remove everything down to the bare plaster, unless you have a cloth type covering on the wall as the first layer. A quality paint supply store will have primer for plaster. Plaster must always breath. If you put any other kind of primer over the plaster, the plaster will not breath properly. Once you primer the plaster, use a high quality paint or wallpaper. You will thank yourself after. It will look stunning. If you happen to have a cloth looking material as the last layer of wallpaper, do not remove it. That was put on by the Plaster Craftsman to allow the plaster to dry, but still allow the wallpaper hanger to come in an hang paper, or the painter to come in and paint the walls. The covering allows the plaster to breath and fully cure while being covered with wallpaper or paint.

    Anytime that you would like tips and have questions about your house, feel free to ask. I grew up in an old Victorian and now own one. I have renovated every aspect of both houses. I started working with my parents when I was about 5 years old.

    Handy Andy in Mt Airy NC

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