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    Default Garden hose bursting

    I keep buying better and better (more expensive) garden hoses only to have them burst in a month or so. The water pressure inside the home seems OK. It appears the exterior faucets are not tied into the home and directly to the street. Is there something I can attach to the hose bib that will reduce the pressure there?

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    Default Re: Garden hose bursting

    You should be able to install a pressure reducing device at the hose bib with little to no trouble. Drip irrigation systems need a steady, constant pressure to function properly, for that there are pressure reducing valves in varying ratings to do just that. You could put one of these at the hose bib. I'd start with the highest pressure you can find, probably somewhere around 50psi, and see how that goes.
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    Default Re: Garden hose bursting

    You could put an RV water pressure reducer on your hose bib.
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