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    Wink roof-mounted hvac needs new roof

    Previous owners installed a commercial hvac unit mounted to a flat roof on an addition. The unit only heats/cools the addition. It is about 20 years old, blasted by Chicago winters/summers and starting to rust. Now the roof leaks, can't be patched any more, and must be replaced. To replace the roof, I must remove the hvac up there. A new commercial unit will cost about $10,000 alone. I want to try the Fujitsu system for heating/cooling. Anyone in the Midwest/Chicago area have one of those? I don't want to make a mistake. Give me your two cents please!

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    Default Re: roof-mounted hvac needs new roof

    Are you talking about a Fujitsu Mini Split?? I'm sure there has to be someone out that way that sells them and if not there are other brands that work well, Mitsubishi for one. They are only Heat Pumps and because of the rough winters you get out there I wouldn't advise one. Go on the Internet and Keyword "Rooftop unit Pricing" a 12.5 ton Trane just sold for less than $3000.00 and if your just doing your addition I doubt it will be that big. Good Luck!!!

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