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    I recently purchased a home in Michigan that had a large garage added a few years ago, this is nice and was a big reason for the purchase, what they did next was not so nice. The original asphalt driveway was ~12' wide and the garage is 24' wide, for some reason they added concrete to make up the other 12' so the driveway is 1/2 asphalt and 1/2 concrete which does not look very good and the execution is even worse. Is there a product that i can apply to both asphalt and concrete that will yeild a consistent look/ color on both surfaces that will last at least 2 years? I do not have the money to replace it now and that is for sure the required solution, my short term goal is just to seal the cracks, improve the look and stop the thermal damage that is occuring during the freeze and thaw cycles.

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    The asphalt can be seal coated, and I suspect that the concrete could be as well, which will blend the two together reasonably well. As I understand it, sealing is something that should be done to asphalt yearly, but don't quote me on that. The other thing is that you do not need to remove what you have, necessarily, to "replace" it. Asphalt can be overlayed which generally included an isolation membrane which will keep existing cracks from telegraphing through the new surface. Concrete can definitely be overlayed with asphalt. Overlay will be cheaper than replacement because you're not disturbing the road bed.
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