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    Default Soft flooring???

    In my dinning room there is a sag. A support beam was put in place years ago but no one corrected the floors. when I step on that area I can feel all the hardwood sift around and it almost feels like the floor is soft in the spot. Makes a horrible squeaking/cracking noise.

    In the basement I can see I have the old plank subflooring. Is this the issue the subflooring and if so is there a way to correct it from under rather than ripping up the beautiful 80 year old oak floors to lay new subflooring...

    Also I want to fix some squeaky areas... any ideas... Like I said I have access to the subfloor and joist in the basement.

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    Default Re: Soft flooring???

    Howdy, have the support post inspected to see if it has deteriorated. Consider a 15,000 basement crew jack instead as it can be adjusted if there is need from settling.
    I had this issue and installed another joist sister ed( nailed together ) to the sagging floor joist and then set a jack under it and raised back into place now no sag or flooring noise.

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    Default Re: Soft flooring???

    The squeak is definitely indicating movement, however determining where that movement is can be tough some times. Does the squeak sound like a surface squeak or does it come from deep within the floor? If it's surface, then it's the hardwood rubbing each other, if it's from below, then it's likely joist movement.

    Have a helper walk across the area while you're underneath. There should be little to no discernible deflection of the joist, if there is, then Tim's suggestion will likely cure the problem. If there is no movement, then the squeak is likely coming from the hardwood itself.
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