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Thread: Remove old sink

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    Default Remove old sink

    I am in need of advise about a sink that I would like to replace.
    As you can see from the pictures, it's an old wall mounted sink with galvanized pipes.

    I have a new wall mounted sink that is a bit smaller along with a new faucet to fit in the same spot.

    I am not sure how to proceed to take the sink out. The piping seems to go directly into the sink, no shut-offs and no couplings. How do I disassemble the pipes to take this thing out?


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    Default Re: Remove old sink

    if you don't know it already, i think you're getting in over your head. you have galvanized water supply lines coming out of the wall which should be replaced with copper or pex and shut off valves that are accessible under the sink. this is definitely a job for a plumber. hooking up galvanized pipe with copper is a tough job and chances are if you start forcing anything apart, the galvanize pipe will break at the elbows or where ever it's threaded. please call a plumber.

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    Totally agree with MLBSF. Let a pro do this. The complications involved with the "no shut off" valve can cause a real problem.

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