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Thread: cherry trees

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    I was wondering if you get any quastions on how to keep the birds out the trees. The reason i ask is becouse i heard of an old trick. Putting a thick rope about 10ft long up in the tree. From what i was told, the birds think its a snake.

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    We d****d our tree with netting kept birds out but squrrils really enjoyed the cherries..

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    Garden stores sell fake owls, snake flash tape, etc. which may work to some extent. Netting as mentioned can keep the birds out, but can get difficult to use on a large tree. The ever popular propane cannons work in a commercial application, but probably will annoy the neighbors and the rest of your household.
    For us it's been the bird get what's up high & we get what we can reach with a ladder & I get to hone my marksmanship on the squirrels.

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