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    Default Air Return Issue

    The air return is open to the wall cavity. Air is being pulled not only from the living area but from the spaces between the drywall and between the ceiling and roof insulation.

    We have two problems. One is we have spray foam insulation and we get odors from that. The second is that the vents on the far side of the house do not seem to adequately condition those spaces. Aren't air return ducts only supposed to take air from living areas? If I get someone to close off the air return to the wall cavity, will we notice a significant improvement to our HVAC system?

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    Default Re: Air Return Issue

    Howdy, have you removed the air return vent to determine where in the wall the air is returned to the unit? If it is not extending into the attic then you can seal the wall above it and stop the iar movement from the attic by installing blocking 2by4 or 6... or spray can foam shot into a freezer bag worked for me. If you have fiberglass insullation in attic then there is a opening into the attic from this wall cavity . Fiberglass is not an air barrior actually was designed to be a air filter and added benifit was its insulation factor. So located the opening again spray foam seals the openings real well. Another way is to add cellous as it does not allow air flow...

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    Default Re: Air Return Issue

    In some cases the bays in a wall can be used as a return, the bay acts as the return duct. But once you get into the attic or cellar it has to continue to your furnace or Air handler via ductwork. You can not pan a supply. From what you say it sounds like it does not continue on to your furnace or air handler witch is not right. Good Luck !!!

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