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    Question Grren Cement Walkway

    I have a cement walkway on the side of my house that has green mold stretching for about 30 feet. Can anyone provide me with a good anti mold cleaner or mix?
    Also, My a/c water drain empties out to this side as well and leaves a brown and green stain. What cleaning solution can you suggest. Pinesol just does not work, it smells nice put doesn't clear it up. Thanks

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    Default Re: Grren Cement Walkway

    A mild bleach solution will do the trick with the surface slime. If you're looking for something a little more environmentally friendly, use hydrogen peroxide which will kill the slim but not harm grass or anything else.

    The AC drain I would set up so that it can't splash onto the house or surrounding area, then leave it alone. If the weather is hot enough to need the AC, then what small amount of condensate is dispensed should evaporate pretty quickly.
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