I need to replace some plumbing line in the basement. It is currently galvanized from the main to copper in a few short places. Still galvanized to 2nd floor bathroom. I would like to replace all lines including to the kitchen sink. I will be leaving the vertical galvanized to the bathroom alone. Problems are low hot H2o to the kitchen sink and some rust in the bathroom. I did drain about 2 gallons out of the hot water tank and the rust color was slight even though the tank is fairly up there in age. I have no problem cutting out the existing copper. It is a crappy job anyways.

Getting varied suggestions about what to use - copper, cpvc, or Pex ( I live in NY). What are your opinions? There is one tight spot to solder but most of it is pretty straight forward. Will join to an outside faucet also. I like the idea of the Pex for ease of installation etc., but am getting conflicting responses from guys. I know that there are issues in states ie: California re: it's usage, permeation and leakage (no chlorine involved here. Has anyone had problems with the Pex leaking,joints seperating, etc.? Would like to know what the "pros" here think before I "have at it".
Mid-aged lady DIYer here so easy is best.