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    Question Attic - blown in over batt?

    I have 5 1/2" of batt insulation in my attic, clearly insufficient. A significant portion has laid flat or been compressed over the years of putting stuff in the attic. My question is can I simply use blown in insulation to fill the 2x6 joists before I lay a cross blanket on it or do I have to replace the compressed batts? I no longer plan to store anything in the majority of the attic.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    Default Re: Attic - blown in over batt?

    Howdy if you blow in fiberglass it does not compress the old insullation. I would get a bid to blow in fiberglass over the existing and bring the entire insulation to R38 to R50 depending on where you live. Note if you blow in cellous the contractor will add more to offset the weight of it on the existing insullation.

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