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    Default vapor barrier for existing garage

    We want to finish the interior walls of our garage (2 stories). There is wood siding on the exterior but the interior is just studs.
    Question: what kind of vapor barrier do we need to install? I know new construction uses Tyvek under the siding, but is there some way to add Tyvek or other vapor barrier to the inside of the walls? We can't remove the siding, so how can we install vapor barrier before insulating and adding drywall?

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    Default Re: vapor barrier for existing garage

    Howdy assuming an attached garage. Tyvek is not designed to be used on interior walls. It is an air infiltratrion barrioer that lets water moisture moe out threw it but does not let water in. I would use fiberglass batt and caulk the top and base wall plates( studs) then install plastic and then drywall. If you want not to have to install plastic when drywall finsihed paint with vapor resistant paint. Glidden makes one an am sure several other companies do too.

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