I am having an issue with only my outside front porch lights and my recessed outdoor lights. What was happening was the bulbs were burning out rather frequently so I called an electrician. The electrician tested all the lights, plugs and two switch outlets. He found that the outside lights had some loose connections which they repaired and also found some some loose connections in the breaker box.

Since that time the lights have gone from burning out to blowing out the tops of the glass lights bulbs. I have tried CFL lights and they only last for about a month, and a regular bulb lasts only about 2 days.

I called another electrician and they came out metered the lights and did not find any fluctuations in any of the light fixtures. They are at a loss of why this is only happening to the enclosed light outside fixtures. The recommendation was to buy 130v bulbs and possibly have installed a surge protector on the electrical panel.

Has anyone experienced this problem and is this the right solution or path to the right solution? Would the money be well spent to install a panel surge protector?