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    Default adding insulation and still use attic for storage

    In order to add more insulation I had the idea to ad2"x4"s on the rafter edges and reapply plywood. Not to the whole place.And just lay the rest of the insulation to rest of rafters.? Work or no?

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    Default Re: adding insulation and still use attic for storage

    Howdy sure ... But how much are you going to then load ( weight added ) on the storage area? I would add 2by6 or 2by 8" perpendicular to the existing ceiling joists and fill the void with callous or blown in fiberglass the 2 by 4 just does not allow much additional insulation 3.5" is not much more insulation. But again caution depending on the span of the ceiling and how much weight you add you can run into deflecting the ceiling and cracking it of worse yet failure and ooppsseee it falling down. No one wants to think of London bridge falling down falling....

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