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    Default Liquid Nails-type adhesive over plaster

    I am working on a small bathroom off the kitchen that needs an update via removing cheap paneling installed circa 1970. The horse-hair plaster is sound. I want to keep the plaster and use a liquid nails-type adhesive to install 3/8" tongue&groove since Hubby said it would be impossible to nail into the plaster. Hubby wants to scrap the lathe&plaster, hang dry-wall, and then nail in the t&g. I love my old house and hate to replace good plaster the consistency of concrete with wimpy drywall. Room is only 4'x6' so the adhesive wouldn't have to hold up long spans. I know it will tick off whoever remodels after me in 20 years, but it's the only solution I can find. Will it work? Is there a better way? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Liquid Nails-type adhesive over plaster

    Removing the plaster will only allow you to replace it with another finish that is inferior. Using Liquid Nails to attach boards to the plaster will limit the things some future owner will be able to do. worst of all they will have to remove the plaster and put up an inferior replacement...

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    Default Re: Liquid Nails-type adhesive over plaster

    I would suggest you use silicon caulk rather than liquid nails that way it would be possible to remove it at a later time without destroying the plaster.
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