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Thread: no hot water

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    Unhappy no hot water

    I had hot water with my old heater. I got a new one and now I don't have water. when i dont have the heater water come out. i dont have water if the water heater is in. I have gas and cold water just not hot this is a new water heater. I need help!!!(
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    Default Re: no hot water

    Dude, get it. You need some pro help, no doubt. On many planes?

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    Default Re: no hot water

    this is a gas water heater right?? did you light the burner or does it fire? no water flow from hot side of fixtures? check the factory heat trap nipple on the hot side of the heater they have little balls in them to retain heat may be jammed? i had a hard time understanding your post the way you typed it? and when in doubt call a licensed plumber. in my opinon homeowners should not touch gas heaters period!!! i re read your post huh? when you dont have the water heater installed you get water flow from the hot ?
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