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    Question Landscaping the Front Walkway (help!)

    I would like to do something to "clean up" my mother-in-law's front walk way and flower bed. I'm thinking something along the lines of boxwood on the walkway and a hydrangea bush and holly with the roses (to be relocated - she won't let me ditch the roses). The house is attached on one side, making it difficult to be symetrical. I've attached some pics and would love suggestions for completely overhauling. Help!
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    Default Re: Landscaping the Front Walkway (help!)

    I think, more than anything, it looks overgrown and messy. I'd start by removing some things altogether; it looks too crowded. Once some of the plants are gone, add some mulch (bark or similar) to help make it neater and easier to maintain.

    The plants along the side of the walkway are too tall and might look better if cut back or removed/replaced with something shorter, and it would look better with something matching on the other side.

    Boxwood or a similar shrub will require constant trimming to keep to a reasonable size. It might be better to consider either something that has a limited size, about 1-2 feet high & wide. Potentilla comes immediately to mind, but evergreens are available in that size also. Or a hardy shrub-like perennial like peonies.

    Once you remove some things, you may have a better idea of what should stay and what should go.

    My two cents.

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