My dad's house is very old. Since I've been gone, he has had jack legs working on his plumbing and everything. Now since I've been back I am now stuck with repairs. I don't want to see him paying these guys who claims they know what to do and don't. He now has very low water pressure. Cold water is OK but not where it should be. Hot water sucks. This all through out the house expect of in the basement. I notice that someone put some polybutylene tube for the hot water connection from the hot water pipe to the rest of the house. The water heater leak at the top from one of these outlets, I think the hot water one, and I fixed that. Well it almost fixed itself. Some kind of crystallization form and sealed the leak after countless times that I put putty and water sealant around it. Well needless to say we still have low water pressure. Any ideals from someone will be helpful. Especially if you know what you are doing