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    Hello. Trying to figure out what is causing the pipes in our house to make a banging noise. It occurs after a shower or faucet turns off, then the bang or thud noise occurs. It also happens when the sprinklers turn off in the morning. It only seems to occur during the brief moment the water is shut off. Pipes are copper. Recently our water softener kicked the bucket so it was turned on bypass and unplugged. When it was working, the softener was only hooked up to hot water heater but the noise seemed to start when the softener quit working.

    Any help is appreciated

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    It's called water hammer, there is plenty of information on line on water hammer and water hammer arrestors.
    Think of it this way, the water running through you pipes is like a string of high speed cars going through a tunnel, turning off the spigot is like closing the tunnel suddenly so the cars pile up into the car in front of them.
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