Hi everyone,
I'm getting ready to replace the hot and cold valves in my shower/tub area, and had a general question. I understand the differences between the various types of valves (ball, disc, cartridge, and compression).

What I'm wondering is, can I replace one type with another? I'm not positive what type is currently installed since I haven't removed them yet, but I've always used compression-type valves, and I'd like to put either a compression or cartridge-style of valve in as a replacement.

Incidentally, my current problem is that both hot and cold valves can be turned to the open position, but you can turn the valve "off", and it will close at a certain position, but instead of a positive stop, you can keep turning it clockwise, and it will open again. Getting the valves in just the right spot so the water stops running can be tricky. Thanks for any advice.