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    Smile wireless lights

    I am looking for wirless lighting. I have a garage roughly 25 feet from my home. The garage is completely wired however I now want to add exterior lights, on each side of the garage door and control them from a switch inside the house. (Much like, how a remote gargae door opener works.) Is there such a thing as a wireless control/switch that can be used to do this? I cannot run any new wiring from the house to the garage without tearing up all my landscaping and was hoping I could find such a control. Any recommendations if this type of product exists and if so where can I find one.
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    Go to Smarthome they have all kinds of remote switches. I would suggest you look at the X10 units, you can even get keyring operators. Their technical help is usually very good.
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    go amsih, use candles!!

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    could use a photo cell or a "dusk to dawn sensor" so the lights will come on at night and off during the day.


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