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    Default Clogged there anything out there that really works?

    I have leaves, etc. that are constantly getting into the gutters. Is there anything out there that really works other than a ladder and my hand reaching in to unclog the downspout? I have seen all of the gutter cover type things. A contractor that did some other work on my house says none of them really work...espacially in a downpour. Yes, I know...cut all of the trees down!

    I did see a product called Rain Tube. It is like perforated sewer tile laying in the gutter. But very costly. It still required some cleaning off.
    I haave tried those little round screen things that you put into the downspout, but they still get covered up with leaves.

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    Default Re: Clogged there anything out there that really works?

    Consider removing the gutters.... no really but leave short runs over doors to exterior.

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