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    Default Buying and installing a ceiling fan - tips?


    I have no ceiling fan experience at all, but need to purchase and install one in a small office (2.3m x 2.7m) in the spot where the lighting fixture is currently. Any tips please? Any product features to look for, or pitfalls to avoid?

    Many thanks
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    Default Re: Buying and installing a ceiling fan - tips?

    I don't know what your looking for as far as looks or functionality goes, there are quite a few different types out there so you'll have to see which one fits the way your office looks. As for how to install it go to this link, it has real good step by step instructions, just make sure the power is off and you should be all set. Good Luck!!!

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    Default Re: Buying and installing a ceiling fan - tips?

    You need to make sure that the electrical box in the ceiling will support the fan. If not, there are replacement boxes and reinforcement methods to upgrade the box. From there, the instructions that come with the fan should be pretty clear on how to install and hook up wiring. Pay very close attention to how you remove the light fixture because the fan will likely go in exactly the same way.
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    Default Re: Buying and installing a ceiling fan - tips?

    You may also want to do some searching for sizing recommendations ******; you can use the square footage of a room (or the metric equivilant ) to purchase a fan that will adequately circulate air for that room. I've seen people buy ceiling fans that were too small for the room they installed it in, making it somewhat ineffective.

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