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    Question circuit breaker popping

    I have a circuit breaker that just popped one day. I'm pretty sure no new load was added. I replaced the circiut breaker and it's still popping. I've unplugged everything that I think is on the circuit and it still pops. Any ideas? How can I fix it?

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    Default Re: circuit breaker popping

    What's generally on that circuit?

    It could be a short at a receptacle , light switch , fastener driven in somewhere , outside plug/light has water in the box , etc.

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    Default Re: circuit breaker popping

    Two things that have happened to me are driving a nail through a wire (while residing a house ) and a pond pump went bad and was shorting the circuit. The siding nail was a fun one to diagnose and find, the pond pump was easy because that circuit is GFCI protected and it was the only active item on the line at the time of the problem.

    Make sure you don't have any seasonal lighting plugged in somewhere. Squirrels and rats tend to like to chew on wires and plastic items, if they've gotten down to the conductors there could be a problem there.

    Do you have any underground wiring to lighting, ponds, spas, or other things that could have been damaged in any way?

    What has occurred around your property in the way of repairs, remodels, general clean-up? Anything that could account for an electrical problem, however remote.

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