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    Question Is white/pinkish mold on garden soil anything to worry about?

    I'm a novice gardener and recently planted my first perennial garden. The plants are doing well (much to my amazement!), but recently some white/pinkish colored mold has appeared on the two inches of soil that I left unmulched around the crowns of the plants. The soil was ammended with composted cow manure and peat moss. The mold appears in the morning after a rainy spell and a warm, humid night. I've sc****d it off once, but it is back again this morning. Is this something to worry about or is it most likely a beneficial mold?

    Sorry I don't have pictures to aid in the identification, I haven't made it into the digital era yet! Any ideas or sources of information would be greatly appreciated. I've scoured the internet and my gardening books to no avail.

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    Default Re: Is white/pinkish mold on garden soil anything to worry about?

    I'm a master gardener and the only thing I can think of right now is a pink mold that colonizes lawns. If there are grass clippings in the soil that might cause it.
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