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    Default Over seeding a Fescue lawn

    What do I need to overseed an existing fescue lawn? When is the best time of the year to do this? I live in Oklahoma and it remains hot until October if this matters.

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    Default Re: Over seeding a Fescue lawn

    The best time of year has likely passed for fescue overseeding, I live in Kansas, and the weather didn't co-operate this year. You can dormant seed, I usually do it about Thanksgiving or first of December.

    Aerate you yard, or have it done, and then spread the seed at about 3-4 lbs per 1000 sf. They will work into the soil nicely over winter, and germinate when the weather is right in the spring. You may want to give them a little extra water in the summer, as the roots won't have as much time to establish, and they will be more easily damaged in a drought.

    Hope that helps!

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