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    I am renovating my 1915 American Foursquare home and in the process rewiring all branch circuits. I am close to the point where I will be running the feeds for the 18 circuits from my 200 AMP service in the basement. My plan it to run the feeds along the basement sill just under the joists then up through the outside walls in 4 or 5 strategic locations. My question is, What is the correct way to bundle multiple feeds so they are tidy along the sill? I have seen cable staples that hold 4 wires. Do they have other cable staples that hold more wires??

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    theres a little thing called de-rating. its new in the 09 code.. well its new to us in wisconsin anyhow. i dont have the 09 code to tell you the proper spacing, and how many wires you can bundle.

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